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Frasca International

At Frasca, their sole mission is Aviation Safety. Since 1958, Frasca has been a leader in the flight simulation industry and a major proponent of improving aviation safety worldwide. At Frasca’s 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing company in Urbana, IL, the company employs nearly two hundred professionals, with a wide range of skills including assorted manufacturing disciplines to highly advanced, aeronautical engineering. Through the use of Frasca flight simulators, pilots are able to train to the highest level of proficiency, enhancing overall aviation safety. Frasca leads the way in the flight simulation industry, with over 2,600 simulators sold worldwide in 70 countries.


For flight schools, Frasca provides flight simulators that are exact duplicates of the aircraft that pilots are learning to fly in. For larger jet aircraft or today’s multi-purpose, helicopters, Frasca can build a flight simulator that meets their customers very stringent, mission focused requirements.

Fun Facts

On average, Frasca delivers approximately 50 training devices of various types and qualification levels to several countries worldwide per year.

Frasca simulators helped train the first female Afghan Air Force combat pilot.

In the aviation industry, “Frasca” is used as the common term for simulator the way Xerox and Kleenex brands are substituted.

Rudy Frasca’s F2M Wildcat was featured in the film “The Battle of Midway” starring Charlton Heston. Rudy’s P-40 was featured in the film “1941” starring John Belushi and directed by Steven Spielberg.

2007 Innovation Celebration Longevity Award Winner.