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Susan Harbourt Designs

Susan Harbourt is an engineer by training, an artist by accident, and a self-taught metalsmith by choice. One fateful night, while Susan and her husband Chris were rewiring their old house, fate stepped in. The floor was littered with ninety year old spirals of copper wire. Susan picked up a few scraps and wove them into a bracelet. A spark was ignited! A passion was born in that very moment.

Now Susan loves to experiment with a variety of metals and materials to see where her hammer takes her. There is an unequaled satisfaction in experiencing the magic of transforming dismissive scraps of metal into amazing works of art. She primarily works in recycled sterling silver and reclaimed copper, making an array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, and sentimental gifts.


Stylish, Modern, Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Jewelry with a botanical look.

Fun Facts

Winner of the Uncommon Goods Upcycle Design Challenge.

Items have graced celebrities on the red carpet as well as on hit TV Shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.

Items have been sold and shipped to shops and customers in over 20 different countries around the world!

Susan Harbourt Designs was recently featured on CI Living’s “Joe, Do My Job” segment.


ShapeMaster, Inc.

ShapeMaster, Inc. specializes in plastic vacuum forming, drape forming, pressure forming, CNC machining, and plastic/metal fabrication. ShapeMaster, Inc. has provided quality goods made of plastic, metal, wood, foam and various resins since 1990. They work with engineers, designers, and inventors to take their print, sketch, or idea and turn it into reality. Their engineering/design team stands ready to assist in preparing CAD files that can be used in any of their processes. Over the last 20 plus years, they have used their problem solving skills to assist industries from agriculture to aerospace to medical to automotive in bringing their projects to fruition. Custom thermoforming, CNC machining, plastic/metal fabrication, drape forming, and other processes occur daily in their facility using plastic materials (ABS, PETG, CAB, UHMW, HDPE, etc.), metals (aluminum and stainless steel), as well as various resin, foam and wood products.


Services: Vacuum Forming, CNC Machining/Tooling, Custom Fabrication, Prototyping, Guarding & Clean Room, Fabricated Tanks, Rapid Prototyping, Powder Coating, Drape Forming, Project Management, Engraving, and more.

Products: Wafer Dipper, Plastic Containment Trays, Multi-Cavity Trays, Motorcycle Accessories, Electronic Enclosures, Pistol Grips, and more.

Fun Facts

Their Ogden facility has expanded three times to accommodate the latest technology, including new thermoformers, allowing them to enhance their production abilities to better serve their customers.

Prototyping is not a problem. They average one new product every week.

Clients: Anheuser-Busch, Flex-N-Gate, Frasca International, General Motors, Herff Jones, John Deere, Monsanto, the University of Illinois, and many more.


The name Servabo derives from the Latin servāre, meaning to watch over or keep guard. Servabo’s aim is to connect people with the assistance they need in emergency situations. In the US alone, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds and it is estimated that 1 in 4 female college students will be the victim of sexual assault. Servabo Inc. came up with a better solution for contacting help in the event of a crime – and Shadow was born. Their technology enables you to instantly reach out to friends, family, and emergency assistance when it matters most so you will feel helpless. With smarter tech, they can create safer communities, safer campuses, and safer cities.


Shadow, a unique personal safety device which provides discrete, one-click access to the powerful communication capabilities of your smartphone. Carrying this technology with you when you travel or go about your day-to-day activities gives you the peace of mind of having immediate and location-based assistance at your fingertips.

Fun Facts

Top 3 Finalist in Startup Voodoo’s Most Promising Startup Competition, 2014.

Champaign County Innovation Celebration Award for Best Student Startup, 2014.

Finalist in Illinois Corporate Startup Challenge, 2014.


Founded in 2013, PhotoniCare has developed patented technology out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that will provide physicians with an unprecedented, non-invasive view inside the ear to more accurately screen and diagnose disease.


PhotoniCare has developed an improved otoscope that will enable physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections during routine examinations. In contrast to the traditional otoscope, which hasn’t changed in over a century since its inception, the PhotoniCare CLEARVIEW™ allows the physician to look through the ear drum to directly observe and characterize effusions and biofilms responsible for infection in the middle ear. CLEARVIEW™ will dramatically improve diagnostic information without adding time, complexity, or significant cost to the routine patient exam. The improved accuracy will reduce provider costs and improve patient outcomes.

Fun Facts

The technology uses harmless, near-infrared light to generate 3-D volumes of tissue.

Middle ear infections are responsible for 25M office visits each year in the U.S. They are also the leading cause of surgery and hearing loss in children.

The company is currently raising $500k in seed capital to begin operations and deploy clinical prototypes.

Current technology used to diagnose middle ear disease is essentially a magnifying glass.

Litania Sports Group

Litania Sports Group is the parent company of four distinct brands, focusing on athletic field and facility equipment. Formed by the combination of two companies, Gill Athletics, founded in 1918, and Porter Athletic, founded in 1868, LSG today sells products under the Gill Athletics, Porter Athletic, PowerMax, and Upper90 brand names to schools, universities, contractors, and institutional customers around the world.


Over 8,000 unique athletic equipment products are designed, manufactured, and marketed through six distinct divisions; Track & Field, Custom Construction, Basketball, Volleyball, Field Sports, and Sports Performance. Flagship products include overhead basketball backstops, pole vaulting poles, hurdles, volleyball systems, soccer goals, wall pads, high jump and pole vault pits, weight lifting & fitness equipment, football goals posts, and discus cages.

Fun Facts

Gill Athletics is the official equipment provider to USA Track & Field and is featured at every Olympic Trials and national championship track meet. Gill throwing implements have been used at every Olympic Game and World Championships meet. The 2012 Olympic gold medal and 2013 World Championship gold medal were won by athletes vaulting on a Gill manufactured vaulting pole.

Porter Athletic is the largest provider of custom engineered gymnasium equipment in the USA. Porter developed the first fan shaped backboard and the first glass backboard. Porter equipment is featured in nearly half of all high school gymnasiums.

Litania manufacturers approximately 75% of the products it sells in its Champaign factory with the balance of products being made in Asia.

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