Made In Champaign County


Founded in 2013, PhotoniCare has developed patented technology out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that will provide physicians with an unprecedented, non-invasive view inside the ear to more accurately screen and diagnose disease.


PhotoniCare has developed an improved otoscope that will enable physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections during routine examinations. In contrast to the traditional otoscope, which hasn’t changed in over a century since its inception, the PhotoniCare CLEARVIEW™ allows the physician to look through the ear drum to directly observe and characterize effusions and biofilms responsible for infection in the middle ear. CLEARVIEW™ will dramatically improve diagnostic information without adding time, complexity, or significant cost to the routine patient exam. The improved accuracy will reduce provider costs and improve patient outcomes.

Fun Facts

The technology uses harmless, near-infrared light to generate 3-D volumes of tissue.

Middle ear infections are responsible for 25M office visits each year in the U.S. They are also the leading cause of surgery and hearing loss in children.

The company is currently raising $500k in seed capital to begin operations and deploy clinical prototypes.

Current technology used to diagnose middle ear disease is essentially a magnifying glass.