Urbana-Champaign Angel Network


The mission of the Urbana-Champaign Angel Network (UCAN) is to provide a forum for accredited investors to access and review selected investment opportunities in a confidential, efficient and effective manner. UCAN’s emphasis is to further economic development in the Champaign County area by matching capital providers with some of the best startup business opportunities.

UCAN Membership

If you are an accredited investor as defined by the IRS, you are invited to apply for membership in UCAN by completing the Membership Application. Prospective members are encouraged to review the Membership Agreement.

UCAN Membership Application

UCAN Membership Agreement

Companies Seeking Investment

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of a business that is seeking investment capital, you can provide information to UCAN through Gust.

UCAN Investing Process

1. Entrepreneur submits a registration through UCAN’s Gust profile. Submitted companies are considered “Deals” in the “Deal Room”.

2. The UCAN Selection Committee reviews each submitted Deal.

3. A subset of the submitted Deals are selected for presentation at the next meeting of the UCAN membership. These entrepreneurs are notified of their selection via email.

4. Companies selected to present are informed of the meeting date and venue.

5. Entrepreneurs then prepare a presentation approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length for presentation at the upcoming meeting.

6. The UCAN membership meeting will feature three to four presenting entrepreneurs/companies and a networking session for more intimate interaction of the parties.

7. Each angel investor makes an individual decision whether to obtain more information from a presenting company and, ultimately whether to invest in the presenting company.

8. Generally speaking, a more detailed Due Diligence process is commenced by the interested angel(s).

9. The company and interested angel(s) work out terms and complete the investment.