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APL Engineered Materials

APL is known worldwide as a premier global supplier of high purity & ultra-dry metal halides, amalgams, metal and other advance materials for a wide range of markets including lighting, energy, scintillation and other high technology markets. The company was established in Urbana as Anderson Physics Labs in 1944 by Dr. Scott Anderson to perform sponsored experimental research in molecular physics. In the late 1950s, under a grant from the US Atomic Energy Commission, Anderson Physics Laboratory began to purify alkali halides. The development of metal-halide lamps around this time required high purity, dry salts. APL’s patented process of producing ultra-dry, high purity salts increased the efficiency and life of high pressure discharge lamps. Over the years, APL developed several products and added sales offices globally to help customers solve issues and make better lamps. Their client list include all major lighting companies such as Venture Lighting, Signify, Osram, Ledvance, Tungsram, etc.

With the decline in conventional lamps since the advent of the LEDs, APL has expanded their product offering to add products for the radiation detection market. High purity, dry halide salts made using APL’s proprietary technology is used by customers to grow single-crystals and thin films for national security and medical imaging applications.

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Fun facts about the company:

  • Over 75% percent of the metal halide lamps, lamps used in stadiums and outdoor lights, use SALTS made at APL.
  • 90% of the high-pressure sodium lamps, lamps used for outdoor lighting and horticulture, use AMALGAMS made at APL.
  • In the past, APL LAMPS were used in 2004 Olympics in Athens, Washington Monument, NASCAR circuit, Chrysler building, bridges in Miami, and french fry lamps in McDonald’s.
  • In the past, APL SALTS were used for lamps in Vegas, Lakeshore drive, underwater for fishing, and the first night game at Wrigley field.