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WICD-TV Features Dioxide Materials

Article Source: WICD, James Fillmore

CHAMPAIGN– Dioxide Materials is located within Research Park at the University of Illinois. The company has discovered new technology for carbon dioxide sensing and remediation.

C.E.O. Rich Masel says, “One of the key things we’re trying to do is to lower the amount of electricity used, lower your utility bill, and so if you use less electricity and less natural gas it’ll help global warming and you’ll save money.”

One of the projects they are working on attaches a CO2 sensor to a thermostat that in turn lowers people’s heating bills.

A research scientist at Dioxide Materials says, “It works by automatically turning down your heating and air conditioning system when you are not at home. It also can adjust the amount of air that is going through the system according to how many people are in the room.”

Another project looks to recycle carbon dioxide by turning it into gasoline.

Masel says, “So what we’d like to do is anytime a wind farm has excess energy take that excess energy, take CO2 which is a waste product, add a little water, put it in our magic process and end up with gasoline.”