EpiWorks Expansion

A locally grown company that has experienced recent growth into its 5000 SF “class 1000” clean-room equipped with the latest Aixtron 2600 MOCVD growth systems, characterization and test equipment.   Further growth has been supported by IL State grants for investment in renewable energy technologies and this company’s investment into solar cell technology.  The company develops and Read more »

Creative Thermal Solutions

A locally grown business in Urbana, IL started by a University of Illinois professor that has expanded its facility to 50k square-feet from 17k in late 2010.  CTS specializes in cooling systems, particularly micro cooling systems and provides experimentation, simulation, analysis and consulting, fabrication and product improvement services.  They are a valuable resource for business Read more »

LittelFuse Opening

High Power Laboratory located in the Research Park at University of Illinois – ranked in the top five U.S. universities for electrical engineering – is available to other organizations that wish to conduct their own testing.  The lab, also called the Lightning Generator, produces up to 60kV/200kA and is used to ensure customer applications pass Read more »

Bayer CropScience and Chromtin Inc.

Bayer CropScience and Chromatin Inc. (Chicago, Illinois) announced today that they have entered into a technological alliance and license agreement to use Chromatin’s proprietary mini-chromosome technology for crop improvement Chromatin has developed a novel approach to gene stacking, using plant DNA to deliver several genes on a single chromosome. Under the agreement, Bayer CropScience has Read more »