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Innovation Celebration Finalists

Champaign, IL – The Champaign County Economic Development Corporation, the University of Illinois’ Technology Entrepreneur Center, Research Park, Office of Technology Management, Office of Corporate Relations and Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, along with Parkland College, Singleton Law Firm, P.C., IllinoisVENTURES, Fox/Atkins Development, LLC, Serra Ventures and Hanson Financial, Inc., are pleased to sponsor the Seventh Annual Innovation Celebration in recognition of those individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions, taken risks, and provided leadership to ensure the continuing economic success of Champaign County, the ongoing success of the University’s economic development mission, and the growth of entrepreneurial talent and energy in your community.

Innovation Celebration awards are not merely an award for accomplishment, but benchmarks of success for those outstanding individuals, organizations and corporations who are nominated and selected to receive these prestigious awards.  Additionally, Innovation Celebration serves as a tangible collaboration between the University of Illinois, Parkland College and the community that clearly establishes the power of cooperation and united vision.

Ten awards have been established, recognizing the various ways in which individuals and organizations have utilized innovation, creativity, and leadership for entrepreneurial endeavor and economic development in the community.

Award Finalists

Innovation Discovery – University of Illinois Award

Brendan Harley
Gabriel Popescu
Yi Lu

Tech Transfer Award – University of Illinois Award

Vijay Singh
Dave Kranz
Diagnostic Photonics, Inc.

Innovation in Engagement Award – Parkland College Award

(Winner will be announced at event.)

Social Entrepreneurship Award

IntelliWheels, Inc.
Avicenna Community Health Center
Sarah Zehr & Alex King,

Student Startup Award

Serionix, Inc.
Oso Simple Technologies
Effimax Solar

New Venture Award

Green Purpose, LLC
Sung Chul Bae
Nuvixa, Inc.

Entrepreneur Advocacy Award

James Economy
Liz Kellner
Andrew Singer

Economic Development Impact Award

Shahid Khan
Dr. Kevin Wan
Predrag Pega Hrnjak

Entrepreneurial Excellence in Management Award

Brian Jurczyk
Charlie Li
Pat Jeng

Longevity Through Innovation Award

Gene Zimmerman
Betty Brennan
Bill Cope

The winners will be announced at the 2012 Innovation Celebration, held at Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology on Thursday, February 23, 2012 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, award & program begin at 6:00pm. RSVP and learn more about the event & previous winners at RSVPs are appreciated, but not required.

WICD-TV Features Dioxide Materials

Article Source: WICD, James Fillmore

CHAMPAIGN– Dioxide Materials is located within Research Park at the University of Illinois. The company has discovered new technology for carbon dioxide sensing and remediation.

C.E.O. Rich Masel says, “One of the key things we’re trying to do is to lower the amount of electricity used, lower your utility bill, and so if you use less electricity and less natural gas it’ll help global warming and you’ll save money.”

One of the projects they are working on attaches a CO2 sensor to a thermostat that in turn lowers people’s heating bills.

A research scientist at Dioxide Materials says, “It works by automatically turning down your heating and air conditioning system when you are not at home. It also can adjust the amount of air that is going through the system according to how many people are in the room.”

Another project looks to recycle carbon dioxide by turning it into gasoline.

Masel says, “So what we’d like to do is anytime a wind farm has excess energy take that excess energy, take CO2 which is a waste product, add a little water, put it in our magic process and end up with gasoline.”

AURP Honors Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as the 2011 Outstanding Research Park

Press Release from University of Illinois Research Park

NEW ORLEANS—The Association of University Research Parks (AURP) named the Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the 2011 Outstanding Research Park during its annual Awards of Excellence ceremony on Dec. 1. The awards were presented at the AURP 2011 International Conference in New Orleans.

The 16th Annual AURP Awards of Excellence recognize the achievements of outstanding research parks and industry veterans and encourages the development of best practices among research and science parks.

“AURP recognizes exceptional leadership in innovation by honoring university research parks, individuals and companies who are driving innovation in their communities,” said AURP President Harold Strong. “Among this year’s AURP Awards of Excellence recipients, we are proud to name the Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the 2011 AURP Outstanding Research Park.”

The Outstanding Research/Science Park Achievement Award recognizes parks that excel in bringing technology from the laboratory to economically viable business activities, thus promoting the growth of businesses, jobs and public revenue.

“Over the last 10 years, the Research Park has had a significant impact on its community by incubating new startups, attracting large corporations to the region and creating jobs,” said Strong. “The Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has demonstrated leadership in the research park profession and is deserving of the honor and recognition as the 2011 Outstanding Research Park.”

Laura Frerichs, Director of Research Park, accepted the award on behalf of the University of Illinois.

“We are honored to receive this recognition, especially as we culminate our 10th anniversary celebration,” Frerichs said. “It reinforces our continuing efforts to build a community of technology entrepreneurship – one that fosters collaboration between the university and industry in addition to creating opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and members of the community at large.”

About AURP: The Association of University Research Parks is a professional association of university related research and science parks. AURP’s mission is to foster innovation, commercialization and economic growth through university, industry and government partnerships. For more information, visit AURP’s Web site at or contact Chelsea Simpson at

LittelFuse Opening

High Power Laboratory located in the Research Park at University of Illinois – ranked in the top five U.S. universities for electrical engineering – is available to other organizations that wish to conduct their own testing.  The lab, also called the Lightning Generator, produces up to 60kV/200kA and is used to ensure customer applications pass regulatory standards.

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