Made In Champaign County

Advanced Filtration Systems Inc.

Established in June 1986, Advanced Filtration Systems Inc. (AFSI), manufactures liquid filters using automated, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) techniques. Highly automated production techniques enable AFSI to manufacture filters of the highest quality at competitive prices. The filters are used in lube, fuel, and hydraulic applications.

AFSI has been recognized for exemplary efforts in creating a progressive work environment focusing on quality and employee involvement and safe practices both internally and externally. Caterpillar has recognized AFSI since 1993 as a certified supplier of quality and material filters.

Watch this video to learn more about the company + how their filters are built:

AFSI is located at 3206 Farber Drive in Champaign. Learn more at

ShapeMaster Inc.

In January 1990, ShapeMaster was formed because they saw a need to provide buyers, engineers, inventors, and designers with the ability to order small or large quantities of solutions in plastics and other materials for the manufacturing of their products; regardless of their size, they receive the same high level quality of service.
Their centrally located Ogden, Illinois facility has since expanded three times to accommodate the latest technology, including new thermoformers, injection molding machinery, and a metal machine shop, allowing them to enhance their production abilities to better serve their  customers. From vacuum forming, drape forming, and pressure forming to CNC machining and custom fabrication, they take pride in their ability to take your project from conceptual design to production including 2D or 3D drawings, materials research, custom tooling, prototyping, replication of existing parts, and custom package design – all within their facility to maximize your return on investment.
Watch this video to learn more about the company:
A few fun facts:

– They have clients from around the world, including England, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand.
– They have hired, trained, and employed hundreds of people who live right here in Champaign County.
– ShapeMaster has weathered a tornado (1996), a fire (2005), and many floods.

ShapeMaster is located at 108 E. Main Street in Ogden. Learn more at